Furman Roth Promotes Jake Rabinowitz to Creative Director

New York, N.Y. (January 5, 2017) – Ernie Roth, President and CEO of Furman Roth Advertising, has announced new creative leadership at the agency, with the promotion of current Creative Supervisor Jake Rabinowitz to the position of Creative Director.

Rabinowitz joined Furman Roth in 2013 and brought a strong combination of creative management experience and executional skills. Since then, he has put his mark on many of the agency’s client brands including B&H Photo & Video, New York Methodist Hospital, Nassau Community College, Windham Mountain Resort, The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science and Golden Blossom Honey.

“We’re very excited to put Jake at the helm of our creative department,” said Roth. “We’ve always been a strong media agency, but we’re also an idea agency – and Jake is a proven ‘ideas guy.’ We’re also particularly eager to tap into his experience in the digital, mobile, and content space. Jake’s leadership will enable us to expand upon our history of growing brands in innovative ways, to better serve our clients.”

Rabinowitz started his career in web content design and production. He was on the forefront of influencer marketing, working and building brands with some of the first social titans like @thefatjewish before moving on to head up marketing for a pre-PokemanGo augmented reality startup. Now, after three years in the Furman Roth creative department, he’s prepared to take the agency in a new creative direction

“Furman Roth has a rich history of turning brands into household names,” said Rabinowitz. “Krazy Glue, Mapquest, B&H… these brands are more than household names, they’re part of our culture – and Furman Roth was instrumental in the development of these brands. I’m looking forward to building on that history, combining it with my vision and creating culturally pervasive brand stories to help our clients thrive.”

Furman Roth takes home a New Jersey Award!

“Are you feelin’ Jersey?” That was the question posed at this year’s New Jersey Awards dinner. A rousing evening filled with vendors, media agencies and marketers of all kinds, all coming together to celebrate stellar advertising - from digital to collateral. This year the event was replete with the usual inspiring portfolio of creative samples from agencies far and wide.

This first half of the evening was a cocktail hour, during which the crowd walked the room, taking in the creative samples while mingling, sipping Chardonnay and eating smoked salmon, artichokes and some very sweet cherry tomatoes (surprisingly good for this early in the summer – but hey, Jersey tomatas’ are Jersey tomatas’).

Then, after a while, we sat for dinner and enjoyed the main event: the awards. This year, each category was introduced with video snippets: Two Mafioso types sitting in a Trattoria sipping espresso and reading the newspaper while cracking-wise about the upcoming category. It was very Sopranos, very Jersey, very à propos (pardon my French).

We sat and enjoyed a lovely dinner while receiving (drumroll please) our very own award for our print campaign for The Weizmann Institute of Science. Our lifestyle TV commercial, “Weekend Getaway” for Cohen’s Fashion Optical was also an honorable mention, losing out only to the Best in Show. All in all, a successful night for Furman Roth, and a fun night for everyone involved. Check out the award-winning creative right here.