Why are We Dusting Off that Backpack and Heading Back to School?


A survey done last year by Champlain College revealed that 60% of adults have considered returning to college. It is much more feasible now with the offering of high-quality online programs that have flexible schedules. There are many reasons why adults are going back to school, and finding the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Career Enhancement

Out of those adults surveyed, 70% believe that higher education is the secret to career success. Many Fortune 500 companies would agree: offering paid continuing education courses, discounts on partnering college tuition rates, and some even going so far as to require continual renewal of certification courses.

Post-Secondary Degree

Some adults have returned to school for a Masters or Doctorate in their respective fields. For some, they have finally paid off their student loans, or they have become comfortable enough to be able to finance this endeavor. The result can be a higher status in their career, maybe even a promotion, or higher pay grade.

Keeping Up with the Times

The times and technology are constantly changing and many people want to ensure that they are staying abreast of these changes. According to Forbes, many companies are choosing to hire younger talent instead of training employees on new technology and trends. To combat this, workers are staying current by updating their knowledge base with continuing education.

Finishing the Degree

For some adults, going back to school to finish their degree is the goal. This has many benefits including meeting personal fulfillment and that extra push forward that may have been holding them back from a promotion or from applying for a new position.

Changing Career Paths

Other adults are stuck in a career that doesn't suit them and are looking to change their path. A new degree is the perfect way to do that. Learn a new skillset, gain access to career services and a network of alumni, and enter a new career armed with knowledge.

There are so many reasons for adults to return to college. Despite an overwhelming majority of adults citing student loan debt as their "primary hurdle" in returning to school, most realize that the benefits far outweigh the cost. They are gaining new knowledge and skills needed to further their careers and also gaining connections that cannot be replaced.