Powerful, Effective Branding with Podcast Advertising


More than 700,000 podcasts cover every interest imaginable - personal finance, true crime, Harry Potter, sports, even movies worth rewatching from 1999. Podcast Serial  has been downloaded over 420 million times in three seasons, while Dirty John reached over 10 million downloads in less than six weeks. It's safe to say that podcasts are no longer niche media.

According to Edison, 70% of Americans are familiar with podcasts and over half have listened to at least one. Eighty percent of listeners tune in to podcasts for an entire episode. What's more, a 2018 Midroll study showed that 60% of listeners have purchased something from a podcast ad. 

It’s clear that podcast advertising is an appealing option for any brand.


22% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly. These devoted listeners spend as many as 10 hours a week listening to the same podcast. It's only logical that they start to view the host as a trusted friend, making their recommendations infinitely more valuable.

Unlike other mediums, podcast ads are typically delivered live by the host, integrated naturally into the episode to feel more conversational. This natural integration makes influencer marketing effective, and it translates directly to podcasts. 

LISTENERS ARE ENGAGED                              

By nature, podcasts require active listening. Listeners cannot flip through channels mindlessly; they have to actively search for and subscribe to podcasts.   

Midroll's study showed that 80% of listeners remembered at least one brand advertised in an episode, while 67% could recall a specific detail about the ad.



Whether you want to target millennial moms, New York Yankee fans, or people interested in raising a teenager, there's a podcast for everyone. Gaining access to ultra-specific niche audiences is perhaps the strongest argument to try this type of advertising.

Advertisers can choose podcasts in line with their brand, and hosts are genuinely excited because it's a natural fit. In turn, their delivery of the ads is authentic and more relatable.

Podcast advertising presents an invaluable opportunity for brands to tap into their audience.

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