Mark Lefkowitz

Executive VP & Partner
Media Director




As head of Furman Roth’s media operations, Mark is known as a brilliant planner, an insightful buyer, and an uncompromising negotiator. He treats media as a contact sport. In fact, his unmatched skills at squeezing every last drop of value out of media dollars—in radio, TV, print, outdoor and online—has earned him both an incomparable track record, as well as a nickname we best not say here.

Mark is frequently sought out by newspaper and magazine editors, business reporters, and Wall Street media analysts for his insights on the advertising and media business.  He serves on the American Association of Advertising Agencies, (AAAA) TV/Radio Committee, and the Radio Advertising Bureau’s (RAB) National Media Council.  He is a contributing editor to the RAB’s Radio Sales Today publication. 

Mark is a graduate of Columbia University, and the only non-lawyer in the family (sell-outs include his father, two brothers, one sister, and a brother- and sister-in-law).  His planning skills extend to a wife and two kids, and a weekly basketball game that’s still going after 15 years.