Press Play: Video Marketing in Higher Education

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When there’s an accident on the expressway, the local highway is all but guaranteed to be congested. Hear a strange noise next door? Try resisting that inexplicable urge to investigate. Face it, whether you’re a rubbernecker, tourist, or even a nosy neighbor, knowing what’s happening is nice, but seeing is believing.

When we think about higher education marketing and how it continues to evolve, the power of the visual is equally important—essential to the media mix, in fact. Eighty percent of Generation Z, which is inundated with social media updates, images and “stories” throughout their day, say they use video to help decide which products to purchase.  A whopping 76% consider video as the main content source they can´t live without.

Video not only commands attention and influences decision making - when it comes to social media, it seems it’s also more effective in reaching and engaging target audiences. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

In order to cut through all the noise, schools should make a path to connect with their audience through video. We recently filmed a number of videos for Nassau Community College (on a shoe string budget) by using school student extras, our in-house creative team, and shooting enough b-roll in one day to use over several videos. At Furman Roth, we believe that it’s not the size of the budget, but the size of the idea – we are well versed in efficiency and have worked with budgets of all sizes with the same outcome – compelling video that captures the unique spirit of the institution. If you don’t have recent video or exploring video for the first time, contact us today. Take a look at some of our videos here.